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What We Do


Financial Management Services

P-Save is a savings and credit cooperative society (SACCO). Its main objectives are to pool savings for its members and in turn provide them with affordable credit facilities. P-Save also aims at cultivating a savings culture amongst its members and to guide them on prudent financial management and investment practices.


Who Owns P-Save?

P-save is a member owned institution hence it is owned by all its members by way of shares. A member is free to buy and own as many shares as they want to buy. With the legal limitation that the current law does not allow any one member to own ore than 30% of the shares of a cooperative like P-save at any given time


What Makes Us Different

P-Save is a member-owned institution. Our philosophy is “members helping and supporting each other to help themselves and grow financially.” Unlike other financial institutions, which exist to enrich their shareholders at the expense of the customers, at P-Save, the members are the shareholders.

Why Choose Us

Accurate Record Keeping

Safe and Secure

We guarantee the security of all your transactions

Affordable Banking

Access to financial services is non-discriminatory and affordable.


Depending on profitability, members may receive dividends at the end of the financial year


What Our Clients Say?

My Name is Emmanuel, I opened a P-Save account with my family and we are growing our finances through saving. we are excited
Emma & Liz
Uzuri Business Enterprise
I am Moses K, My uncle opened for me a P-Save Account and now i am learning and practising the habit of saving
Moses K
Deliverance Church Entebbe is a proud beneficiary of the P-Save and we have made tremendous investment with P-Save
Ps. John & Gilbert
Pastors DCE

A Few Of Our Clients

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