Sunday 24 Jan 2021

My sister who had suffered from COVID-19 is steadily recovering, God is a Way Maker, Miracle worker and a promise keeper in deed,

"Nothing is impossible with God"
Jajja Peruth Tibakanya

The Ojangole's started a new life in their new house in Garuga and encouraged the church to have the same faith to build and live in their own houses

"God can provide even in the midst of a pandemic"
Jackson & Judith Ojangole

Faisal testified that he encouraged his friend to spend some time with God out of the 24hours in a day. Today his friend managed to come to Church even before Faisal had come to the house of worship.

"It is important to spend time in God's presence"
Faisal Lubega
Revelation 12:11 Modern English Version 11 They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they loved not their lives unto the death.

The Etolu's testified that their goat had gone missing. All the same they were grateful to God that it was recovered by the police and returned to them, the goat is in gestation and a very good breed whose kid she said is a available at a cost when the time is come. The goat had also become close with the family members and it was a pain to loose her.

"God can protect and even restore your stolen wealth"
Eunice & George Etolu.
Bible studies-2020
My Name is Alfred,a South Sudanese national but living and pursuing my studies in Uganda. I praise the Lord for the "Growing in discipleship" bible study series. Spiritually and socially it basically helped me in the following areas; memorising scripture, meditating on the word of God, knowing the importance of memorising scripture. It improved my relationship with God and with others people through Christ, It taught me that God is the only Judge. My faith is strengthened through quoting the bible verses and it has taught me to balance my time for bible reading especially evening hours. Above all, I believe in Christ that i will learn more from the respective series of bible study classes. This bible study also encouraged me not to worry in times of trouble according to Matthew 6:30-32. It has shown me how to be born again as illustrated by Jesus in John.3:4-10 I thank God through the organisers of this introduction of this growing in discipleship.
God bless you all
Alfred Angeno
Genesis Bible Group