Spiritual Gifts.

James 1:17
1 Corinthians 4:7, Spiritual Gifts.
2 Timothy 1:6, Spirit of power, love and self-discipline
1 Timothy 4:14, don’t neglect the gift that was given to
Worship the giver, not the given. The Lord our God is the
giver, the father loved the world so much that He gave Jesus Christ. John 3:16.
Jesus came into the world to save the sinners, he took the
heart of stone and replaced it with the heart of flesh, now by the grace of
God, and we are able to obey the Lord, give Him glory. God loved and God gave.
We live in a world full of so many religions, the question is..
Which one is the perfect one? If you ever look for a perfect religion and you
find one, then join it, it will become imperfect, because you yourself, you are
Ephesians 4:11. It’s God that gives the spiritual gifts to
prepare the people of God for works of service so that the church would grow.
1 Corinthians 12: 4, Gifts of the Holy Spirit.
We serve a God who gives gifts, what a wonderful God we

Hew gives the gift of the Holy Spirit, its also associated
with the promise of the father. 
Acts 2:38, repent and you will receive the gift of the holy spirit, He empowers you to carry out the work of the Lord. 
Acts 1:4, Wait for the gift my father promised.. John Baptized with water, but you will be baptized with the Holy spirit. He gives you the power to be a witness, power to live a Holy life, power to do the work of the Lord. 
Don’t despise the gifts of the Holy Spirit, 1 Thessalonians 5:20, Grow your gift, so that it will be used to build the entire body of Christ. As God to reveal to you what He has deposited in you by the way of gifting, by the way of talents and He will let you know.  
Use your skill, your talent, your ability for the Glory of the Lord. The gift you have is form the Lord.
God has put in you something, discover it, find it and use it for the Glory of the Lord. You need to practice your gifting so that you can discover it, grow it. 
You never know you can do something until you try it, you need to find it out, peruse it,, 

How do you know you are gifted?
  • Believe that you have a gift, act it out, stir it up, grow it

How do you sustain your gift?
  1. Prayer: Pray without seizing for its the will of God in Christ Jesus Concerning you. 
  2. Word of God: You need to read the word of God, read it, hear it, believe it, practice it and your ministry will continue to grow, the Lord will sustain you. Everything you need to know about God, is revealed in His word, everything you need to know about life, the devil and so much more is revealed in the word of God. 
Acts 2:4. they were all filled with the Holy spirit, they spoke in other tongues and the Holy Spirit gave then utterance. The lord will always do His part, just do your part. Pray without seizing. 
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