Sanctify Yourselves #Confronting Giants

Preaching by Elinor

Have an expectation like never before, because the Lord is
Confronting Giants in

Let’s continue to go higher in the Lord, when the Lord is
taking us higher, He is with us, every step of the way.

We shall overcome giants only in the presence of the Lord,
there is no giant that is greater than the Lord.
The Lord has promised to go with us, be with us, and fight
for us.

Haggai 2:9 God
want to do greater things in our midst. It’s beautiful to be in the presence of
the Lord, but the Lord we serve is a holy God.

The Lord is very clear, He is calling us to sanctify yourselves for he wants to do
wonders in our lives.

Joshua 3:5 Sanctify
yourselves, for the Lord will do wonders in you tomorrow, if you are going to
see the work of the Lord tomorrow, then sanctify yourselves.

Sanctification is a personal thing, you have a part to play.

Hebrews 12:1, what does
it mean to sanctify yourself?
Whatever your weight is, it might be a habit, attitude, sin,
memory, etc., but there is a weight that could be holding you, let it aside,
because its stopping you from soaring high and getting into the presence of the

When you get into the presence of the Lord, He will do wondrous
things in your life.

Like the Eagle, it renews itself by removing its feathers,
beak, and claws, let’s sanctify ourselves, let’s let go of the weights that
have hindered us from accessing the presence of the Lord.

Once the Eagle has renewed itself, it can then saw, hunt,
and also greatly increase its life span.

Joshua 7 The
armies of Israel were defeated, because Akan had done what the Lord had refused
the Israelites from doing, because of this sin, the children of Israel could
not stand in front of their enemies, but until they had destroyed the items that
Akan had brought in their camp.

When we are in right standing with the Lord, then we shall
overcome every giant that stands in our way, the Lord is a God of renewal, He
is a God of a second chance, He will surely restore you, you can ask for
cleansing, and the Lord will work in your life.

Sanctify yourself,
lay aside every weight that could be pulling you down

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