How God desires a family

How should the family be managed?
  God created man and told him to multiply.
  God created man and woman, man not with man and woman not with woman.

  Genesis 1:28 The family is thw only isntitution that was blessed to multiply.
  Genesis 2:19-24 God desires that we marray, that we have families, that we multiply.

   Collosians 3:18 Wives were instructed to submit to there husbands.
   1 Corinthians 11:3 We should not have power struggle in the home.
Husbands are instructed to love there wives as Christ loved the church.

  Ephisians 5:28-29, love your wife as your own body, don’t be harsh to your wives. Your wife is your body

Association brings assimilation which in yirn brings importation. You will always appear like the people you associate with.
Choose a friend that will help you in life, that will not break you, the people in your life either make or break you.

Love is a must, but relationship is a choice.

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