Growing in Discipleship

Our aim as the Church should be to make disciples and not converts,  that we shall equip new believers with tools to help them grow.
1st Thessalonians 1:1-10
Paul wrote the epistles as letters. Read them carefully as a whole.
Sometimes the only crime we commit is to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ,  to live for Christ.
Just like Paul,  Silas and Timothy, we need to be united in vision and purpose.
The gospel was designed to advance in teams.
The apostolic team
The insiders -  the people of that city whose responsibility was to spread it on inside.
The first thing Christ did was to make a team - not because He was weak and helpless but that they could be with Him,  see and learn and pass it on after He left.
Are you part of the team that’s spreading the Word ?
Do not walk alone or do ministry alone,  the Devil will give you a knockout!
Salvation is not a journey to walk alone. It’s an individual decision,  but you need a team after the decision is made,  to teach you and strengthen you.
Ecclesiastics 4:9-10
Unity is key in advancing the gospel. We have created labels as Anglicans,  Pentecostal etc but the most authentic label we walk around in is we are children of God John 1:12
Faith produces work.  Work produces action.  The work is reaching out to the lost souls.
How am I going to use this platform of being an engineer,  doctor,  business man etc. to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom?
Romans 1:5
We must be aligned with the will of God, His agenda and purposes.
Genesis 12:1
It required faith for Abraham to go to a place he didn’t know. Hebrews 11:8
If God has given us all these things,  let us not live in fear and panic like the people of this world.
Non believers enjoy seeing us live upright lives.
We have been blinded by the things of this world.
Do you love your neighbours enough not to let them go to hell?
As we share the Gospel,  we must base on convictions that are rooted in the scriptures not wishful thinking.  Go read the scriptures yourself. Acts 17:11
The winds and waves will come strong!?  Do you have your feet deep in the Scriptures to stand?
We must have people to imitate,  to teach others how to walk with Jesus.  Make your life open.
When we evangelise,  we get a convert,  we shouldn’t stop there.  Jesus told us to make disciples who are well established . Converts cannot be leaders!
We have been called to know Jesus and make Him known,  to be fruitful.  Most of us do not live our lives to the fullest.
This is how we can grow in our understanding of the Word of God
Hear the Word
Read the Word
Study the Word
Memorise the Word
Meditate on the Word. 
Sunday service should not be the only time you hear the Word!

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