Godly parenting

Blessed r you when your quiver (bag) is full….
God expected Adam and Eve to bring up children in there likeness, and the likeness of God is embedded in Adam and Eve, so the likeness of God would be embedded in the children.
God is looking ahead in time in terms of Generations for your family.
In Genesis 6, God is grieved by the population of the Earth, God is not just interested in numbers, but also interested in the quality of the population.
God wants to:
-Live and reveal himself on the Earth.
-To manifest His character and authority on the Earth.
This could be manifested on the Earth through Godly parenting.
Genesis 5:1 Summary of Adam’s life
Godly parenting is not just about getting a child and providing for them, it involves naturing, instructing, directing, love, etc.
God wants to affect nations, wants a holy seed, wants to manifest His glory on Earth through mankind.
God wants man to partner with Him in order to affect nations.
Whatever the plan of God is, children are not far from it.
He chooses Abraham because he will direct, command his children after him.
The work of parents on the Earth is to bring up spiritual giants in their children.
Man is not only a physical body but is also a spirit.
Man is accountable to God, our children must be accountable, must be responsible.
Parents r supposed to raise up foundations for generations.
Godly parenting means pointing your children to God…

May God give you the grace to produce children who will fear Him…
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