We are family and there are levels of family.
Breaking bareness in Gods family (The Church)

Some fundamental questions that we may relate with personally,

  • What is my
    role in this family of God as far as breaking bareness is concerned
  • How am I contributing to breaking bareness or otherwise promoting it.
  • How possible is it to be a peacemaker in times of bareness, to give out love in times of bareness?

Somehow you
hear some murmuring (bareness) in the church exists.

Sometimes bareness might confuse us, we might see things (bareness) as if they are all ok.

We shouldn’t give up and settle for less but press on for fruitfulness 
Sometimes the bareness comes because we are fighting the wrong battles
What bothered Rachael was Leah’s’ productivity because she took her eyes off God
Sometimes we have taken our eyes from God and focused on others things which seem to be productive. But this was not the case with Hannah when Penninah was productive unlike her, she continued fixing her eyes on God. and she was rewarded.

Scriptural Ref. Gen.30:1-3; 

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