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Committed Christian young adults, who are holistically transformed in Jesus’ name.

Committed Christian young adults, who are holistically transformed in Jesus’ name.

  1. Integrity,
  2. Excellence,
  3. Stewardship and
  4. Dignity. 

Who we are

Entebbe Child Development Centre (ECDC) is a child development ministry under Deliverance Church Entebbe in partnership with Compassion International. Located along Basude Rise in Kiwafu Central, 1 km from Entebbe town, the project started in 2003 with the registration of vulnerable children that are total or partial orphans, abandoned or neglected children, children with both parents but very needy between the ages of 3 to 9 years.  These children regardless of family or religious background stay in the programme until they are 22 years of age. 

ECDC-UG 512 uses a four pronged approach that is; a Christ centered, Child focused,Church based  and Community driven Organisation.

Our Work

SDR is our Sponsor Donor Relations ministry which helps the beneficiary interface with the sponsors through the various channels stipulated by Compassion international Uganda. This is the correspondence arm of the program. children get to write to their sponsors, exchange gifts and even visitation are conducted by sponsors.

Efforts have been geared towards health promotion, disease prevention as well as curative programming. We work together with the community, caregivers and our health service providers to ensure good health practices. ECDC critically addresses the issue of HIV/AIDS, personal hygiene and malaria infection. These are the more prevalent issues in our communities.

Talent development initiatives, child protection advocacy efforts and socialization based activities have been taken into consideration.

Discipleship programs, evangelism and ministry opportunities to enhance child growth in Christ have been implemented. By the end of the program, the child would be able to demonstrate the commitment to the lordship of Jesus Christ.

Deliverance Church supports the poor and vulnerable children in the community and supports their social, economic and spiritual development to realise mature self reliant christian adults who strive to make a difference in their community.

Counting Our Blessings

Our work through the 16 years of existence in Kiwafu Central, we  include, graduating children from the programme with a University Degrees in various fields, diplomas of vocational studies like Electrical installation and other institutions, several students from inception completing their high school studies in various secondary school, while others in the tender ages in their primary schools. 


Other interventions of the ECDC include;

  • Paying school fees and give other scholastic materials to the registered children, 
  • Providing start-ups inform of income generating projects within children’s homes, 
  • Training children in business and livelihood skills for example candle making, baking, carpentry, Hair dressing, Tailoring, Music, Computer and Horticulture. This has boosted children’s skills in generating income for their families, 
  • Training caregivers in positive parenting, business skills, health issues, 
  • Providing domestic assistance to all highly vulnerable children, Started a saving scheme for PLWH/A (Tusubira savings scheme) and more.
Our Target
Responsible mature Christian Adults 80%
My name is Shamim, I grew up with my Grandma. I joined the CDC program in 2003. I am currently studying at Kyambogo University and i am grateful to God and my teachers for encouraging me to work hard. I can confidently say i wouldn't have made it this far had in not been for God.
Shamim Nabisalu
University Student
My Name is Enid, saved by grace. I am a Social Worker working with Cherish Uganda, I went through the Compassion Child Support Program of Entebbe Child development Centre and made it to the Leadership Development Program which helped me through University. God made this possible especially in the event that i lost my parents at a tender age. God has such a great plan for me. This is just the beginning of my story.
Enid Kirungi Rachael
Social Worker
Young people discipled to become economically, socially and spiritually liberated for Kingdom business and societal transformation
I am pursuing a BSc. Computer Science at University this year, my story began at Entebbe Child Development Centre, I thank God, my parents and teachers who inspired me to make it in life. Any body can be who they purpose to be with God's help. Jasper
Jasper Okech Nicholas
University Student

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Our Leadership


Pastor John Chemonges provides oversight leadership to the teams who indirectly and directly implement the project.

Church Partnership Committee

Project Staff​

Project Director

Mrs. Epiu Solome Alice gives leadership and is responsible for the day to day operations with support from the team.


Mrs. Ouma Kezia is manages the health aspect and ensures stakeholders and beneficiaries relations


Mr. Luzinda Denis provides Sponsor Donor Relations to facilitate correspondence for sponsor related activities


Mrs. Kabugo Faith Robinah manages the finance and the day to day finance operations


Support Staff