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Deliverane Church Katabi is affiliated to Deliverance Church Uganda Ministry

The church was born in 2007 through missions to Katabi by the parent Church at Entebbe. It began in a small house garage at Deacon Paul Ogwang’s home then. The membership grew over time with people coming mainly from within the community.

The parent church transferred ministers to oversee and run the affairs of the new born baby and train up leaders who are now growing in ministry.


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The are small house fellowships every Tuesday, please call our contact and you will be directed or picked up to join the nearest house group meeting in your zone


The body of Christ is called to serve and to minister to the needs of each member. If you’re young in the faith, we are committed to helping you grow.


Once we come to Jesus and receive His lordship, we start to grow spiritually,this growth has an impact on the growth we experience in other areas of life.  Come  be a part in this

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Growing in the grace of God

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