Church plant Mission to Kanyum

Our Genesis of Kanyum Church

Just as our Lord and Master Jesus Christ instructs us, we are called to “Go and make disciples of all nations”.

The Church in Kanyum is a seed planted at the burial of Sis Angela Olokojo in Kanyum, Kumi District on 4th April 2017. At her burial, Ps. John Chemonges in his speech said it was after Angela’s long suffering with sickness that God’s conviction was strong that the Entebbe Church should plant a church in that place as a seed for the Kingdom of God to grow and prosper Kanyum.

The church planting mission begun thereafter and in the following year 2018, a mission team went to survey the land and establish the church through prayer.

Pastor Joseph Ariebi who oversees the Deliverance Churches in Kumi district volunteered to assign another pastor to shepherd his flock so that he would come and kick-start of the Kanyum church.

An Evangelism mission was dispatched in June 2018 for a one weeks church planting mission to Kanyum, in collaboration with the Kanyum Churches and the Deliverance Churches within Kumi district, the team ministered on a daily combing schools, villages, and the medical facility in Kanyum trading centre.

The church in Entebbe mobilised greatly for the mission by giving financially and in kind. Among the items collected were, food stuffs, clothes, shoes, scholastic materials for the school going children, sanitary ware and bibles. Other brethren  contributed for monthly porridge for the hungry children who came to the services during the mission week.  

The church sits on a piece of land along the Ngora road that measures close to an acre. The brethren mobilised at the end of the mission and built up a semi parmanent structure with timber and logs from acacia tree branches. This is half the story underneath the Kanyum  Story.

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