Cultivating God’s presence through praise and worship


James 4:8

Come near to God and he will come near to you. In the old testament there are circumstances where God drew near to His people but also, on the contrary, instances are recorded where he withdrew from them, 1Sam.4:12 ff.

When the presence of God departed Israel, they were empty. no more protection, no more joy; this can happen in the life of a christian, remember Samson, he became empty and an ordinary man.

The Laodicean Church Rev.3
This church was equally empty with Christ actually standing outside.
It is possible to claim you’re OK when you’re not OK
It is possible to claim you have a reputation yet you actually have no presence.
What God is saying and how you feel are two different things.

Do you want to experience the presence of God; the springs of living waters?; Do you want to feel the joy in the Spirit; do you want to have a sense of fear of God? This is possible.

Many times it is possible to loose the fear of God and still perform miracles. God can still use you to bless people but He will hold you accountable for whatever you do.Talent can promote you without presence. We need presence to take precedent.

The presence of God is everywhere; Ps.139, but this presence we need is the #manifest presence of God in our lives.

Don’t come to Church expecting to receive this presence, you wont tap it from the worship team, no sermon will make you be filled with this presence, you can only draw it from God-Personally by pressing on in seeking the Lord. And you don’t even have to tell anyone that you are seeking this presence.

There is a way i will behave in the presence of the President, how about God Almighty?

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