Waiting upon the Lord in righteousness

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Genesis 6:1-8, In vs 18, Noah is commanded to build an ark.

It took Noah 120 years but he went ahead to build the ark. This is obedience to the words of the Lord.

When the floods came, Noah was saved. As we wait upon the Lord, are we stranding doing nothing. The Lord wants us to live a Holy life.

What to do as you wait on the Lord

Allow God to prune you. Hebrews 12:4
Take is seriously when the Lord starts to deal with us. He rebukes us because he loves us.
He disciplines us for our own good.  The Gardner prunes the plants because he wants a good harvest.
Amos 7:7

– We need to allow Jesus Christ to live in us.
Our God is a holy God and a consuming fire. Exodus 3:1-7

As we wait upon the Lord, are there things we need to surrender to the Lord. We need to let go of the things that hinder us from coming to the presence of the Lord.

May God help us to let go of the things that don’t bring glory to his name.

Total submission. James 4:1 Allow God to take charge.. Surrender to God, He is faithful

If God us working in us, let us allow Him to work in us…. otherwise, life Will be meaningless.

You don’t want to walk through this world and leave empty..

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