Salvation is bigger

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Salvation is bigger than belonging to a church.
Salvation is even bigger than ministry; it is a personal relationship with Jesus.
Salvation is way bigger than a religion and/ or congregation.
Scriptural Reference: Matt 16: 13 – 18.

Get out of the crowd and start pursing Jesus on a personal basis.
It is on this basis that you receive certain revelations of God
In the flesh, we use the 5 senses for revelation.
In the spiritual realm, senses do not account for any revelation.
That realm of revelation is dependent on faith
Our mirror is the word of God.
What does the word of God say about you?       
When everything around you is saying contrary to what you ought to be as a Christian, look at the mirror – the Bible.
Scriptural Reference: 1 Cor. 3:16 –20, 6:15.
The Holy Spirit is not a feeling. We can’t feel things in the Spiritual Realm. We can’t walk the 
Christian Life basing on feeling.
We walk the Christian Life basing on the word of God, the Bible.
We are part and person of the body of Christ.
We are thereby supposed to lead our lives with caution and reverence because we are temples of God.
The Christian journey is a mental one more than anything
As a Christian, you should live your life based on the revelation that Jesus is the Christ, the son of the living God Col 1: 13

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